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The Hammer Companies

Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corporation prides itself on its continued investment in companies which align themselves with the forefront of technology. Our interests continually develop and deploy state of the art forward looking technologies intended to increase the reach of internet based protocols throughout the telecommunications arena. These companies push the limits of conventional thinking and look to future proof themselves in an ever-changing marketplace, creating new and improved experiences for their customers and clients.

Hammer Wireless deploys the latest in wireless broadband technology which has been designed to extend fiber technology into the last mile access networks.

The combination of our hybrid wireless broadband and fiber backhaul networks, ensures that the customer will receive triple play “cable-like” services at speeds that are equivalent to a direct fiber connection to a home or enterprise at a time frame and price structure far less than those deployed by all the major operators today.

Hammer Fiber Optic Investments, ltd.

HFOI’s Fiber Optic network encompasses the bulk of New Jersey and connects major cities like Philadelphia and New York, as a result, Hammer Fiber has developed numerous products which leverage this network and its capabilities to offer Internet based services to a variety of differing verticals.  From consumer products such as internet, voice, and video service; to enterprise solutions, like managed hosting, data transport and storage; to carrier grade offers such as low latency dark and lit fiber routes, Hammer Fiber has a solution to suit all size applications within their markets

Hammer Fiber Optic Investments, strives to deliver the network of tomorrow… today. They are constantly working hard to bring the next generation of home entertainment and communications to their subscribers with cutting edge technology that integrates all of their devices into their own personal network that travels with them, and delivers service and content when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. Utilizing Hammer Wireless to create a hybrid Fiber-Wireless network ensures that their subscribers stay ahead of the technology curve at all times and that their customers and clients receive the highest quality service.


Hammer Fiber has built a low latency fiber route that offers a diversified fiber path between New York City and Philadelphia. Providing enterprise and carrier clients an alternative option to transport their data between these two major cities. Combined with state of the art computing and storage solutions, as well as multiple points of co-location within the area, Hammer has created a very attractive suite of products for these larger business customers. In addition to this, these dedicated fiber routes also provide the high capacity transport of traffic to and from the Hammer wireless broadband infrastructure serving residential customers.


Delivering Multi-Media services cost effectively, has been more than a challenge for operators for decades now. Fiber to the home has proven to be one of the largest challenges in that it has still not reached the consumer industry at large due to the high cost of delivery. Hammer Fiber has focused on innovative ways of overcoming this delivery challenge and has successfully entered into strategic alliances with its developers and manufacturers of the Hammer Wireless broadband solution to cost effectively deliver its Multi-Media services. Consumers now have the opportunity to experience fiber like speeds and high capacity broadband to enjoy entertainment applications which would otherwise still have remained out of reach to most, were it not for Hammer Fibers innovative approach to consumer needs and demands.

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